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Barton Tuck

Barton Tuck is the founder and past president of Wingfield Golf.  Barton was instrumental in the growth of Wingfield since its inception.  Mr. Tuck has 40+ years of experience in managing golf properties in the Southeast and has played an active role in the financing of over 50 golf properties.  Prior to founding Wingfield Golf, Mr. Tuck served as a founder and Chairman of GolfSouth and was responsible for growing GolfSouth's management portfolio to 22 golf courses, before selling the company in 2000.  Mr. Tuck also successfully developed 10 high quality golf courses, 2 of which he personally designed.  Prior to founding GolfSouth, Mr. Tuck was President and Chairman of the largest multi-family property management company in the country with over 400 properties. Mr. Tuck has a BS degree from The University of North Carolina and was a licensed Certified Public Accountant in North and South Carolina, as well as a member of the American Institute of CPAs.  He also holds a degree from the New York Institute of Finance.  He is a native of Henderson, North Carolina and has resided in Greenville, SC since 1960.

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